September 03, 1999
Friday Meeting

Given in Shrimad Bhagavat 10/24, when Lord Krishna saw the townspeople preparing for a sacrifice to Indradev (the head of the demigods), he explained that they should instead give the offering to Govardhan Mountain which was pratyaksha or in front of their eyes. The townspeople thus began worshiping Govardhan Mountain with the food collected for Indradev. Lord Krishna then assumed a huge divine form and devoured all the food and other offerings presented to Govardhan Mountain. He explained that although they had worshiped Indradev for so long, he had never appeared in person. Govardhan Mountain on the other hand had now manifested before their eyes and eaten their offerings. Lord Krishna too offered obeisances to the huge divine form. Given in Shrimad Bhagavat 10/25, When an enraged Indradev tried to deluge the town of Gokul, Lord Krishna protected everyone by lifting the Govardhan Mountain. In this way Lord Krishna humbled Indradev and taught devotees the glory of pratyaksha poojaa.



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