March 31, 2000
Friday Meeting

Someone asked, "How can we get rid of an 'allergy' we have for someone?" The person was referring to the ill or negative feeling one may have against another person. In order to start seeing positively in the person, Dinkar Uncle gave the following practical technique: first, prepare a list of positive things about the person. Rather than a mental list, we should actually get out a piece of paper and pen and list five to ten points; second, make a list of what that person likes. Use the list to focus on the person's positive points and what they like. Another helpful method is to think about the positive qualities of one person each night during night prayer.

Dinkar Uncle continued that we should learn to introspect and find faults within our own self instead. Also, when such a situation arises, one should resort to chanting SwamiNarayan to drown out other negative thoughts.

In the third principle of Sunrut, Yoga Bapa has explained, "Jaga Swami used to say that if one feels like seeing flaws or negative qualities, then one should see the negative in one's own self, one's own nature, and one's own kind. But one should not see negative in devotees." In Swami Ni Vato 2/61, Gunatitanand Swami explains, "If one is as insistent on himself to understand, as he is in trying to explain to others; and if one is as insistent on removing one's own faults, as he is in seeing others' faults, then no flaws will remain!" Finally, Yogi Bapa's third point in 'Gunaateeta Gnyaana Nu Navaneeta' is, "If troubled, pray to God (do rosary), but while praying, do not think of anything else."



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