March 17, 2001
Louisville, KY

In Swami Ni Vato 9/301, Gunatitanand Swami gives the story of Sukhanand Swami, who was the first saint to meet Neelkanth Varni in Loj. However, after years of satsanga, he developed the desire to liberate his parents. Even though Swaminarayan Bhagwan warned him that his lifespan was short, Sukhanand Swami decided to go anyways. He stopped at a golden temple in Mathura. The caretaker of the temple had a problem falling asleep, but now peacefully fell asleep. Learning from Sukhanand Swami that God was in Kariyani, the caretaker tried to pass on the temple duties to two saints who were brothers. The saints replied that they had also renounced to meet God and had no interest in the temple. The two saints, Gopalanand Swami (junior) and Ramanujanand Swami, left for Kariyani with perfume as a gift from the caretaker. Sukhanand Swami had shortly thereafter passed away in Ujjain. Swaminarayan Bhagwan placed the perfume on all of the saints' noses, and said, "Your nose will stay, others' will not." He then revealed that the caretaker of the Mathura temple was not fortunate enough to meet God in this life. The caretaker died on his way, but was reborn as Nathu Patel in Kariyani (who served Gunatitanand Swami).



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