April 19, 2002
Friday Meeting

There is a famous parable of the meeting between Alexander the Great and a simple saint in India. Once, Alexander came across a recluse who was sunbathing on top of a pile of dirt, but obstructing Alexander's path. Alexander exclaimed, "Get out of the way. I am the commander of thousands of soldiers and the ruler of countless lands." The saint commented, "You have a massive army, but I have no enemies!" Alexander continued, "I have innumerable ornaments and great treasures." The saint replied, "I have no expenses!" Alexander recalled the words of Aristotle, his tutor, extolling the greatness of India's saints. Impressed by the saint's simple, yet profound knowledge, Alexander told the saint, "Ask for whatever you want, and I shall grant it." The saint replied, "All I ask is that you move out of the way, as you are blocking the sun!"



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