April 19, 2002
Friday Meeting

In Swami Ni Vato 1/159, Gunatitanand Swami explains, "Even if one has met God, if he has not met this Saint [Gunatitanand Swami], then who would do this much work to explain. Even greater than Maharaj's satsangee (devotee) is this Saint's satsangee." This is because the saint makes firm the devotee's understanding of God's divinity, and attaches him to God.

In GunatitoAksharambrahm, Kakaji has described that God's saint possesses these three qualities: aatmanishthaa (conviction of one's true identity as a soul), svaroopanishthaa (conviction in the manifest form of God), and svadharmanishthaa (adherence to one's code of conduct). Gunaateeta's saint additionally possesses these four qualities: samataa (spiritual equanimity), suhradabhaava (friendliness towards all), sarvadeshiyataa (equality of vision), and saadhutaa (deep humility and simplicity). Further, the saint's equanimity, humility, etc. does not stem from an incapacity, but from his understanding of God's greatness.

Chyavan Rushi (son of Bhrigu Rushi) did not exhibit such saintly qualities. Gunatitanand Swami refers to the story of Chyavan Rushi in several Swami Ni Vato, revealing that despite being powerful, some svabhaava (crude nature) remains. Given in Shrimad Bhagavat 9/3, Once, King Saryati (son of Manu) along with his beautiful daughter Sukanya went to the aashrama of Chyavan Rushi. In the forest, seeing two glowing objects through a hole, Sukanya inadvertently poked the eyes of Chyavan Rushi. As a result, the Rushi cursed the the King's soldiers who became constipated. When the King went to the Rushi, Chyavan Rushi asked for Sukanya's hand in marriage. By the Ashivini Kumars, Chyavan Rushi's old body became handsome and youthful. In return, Chyavan Rushi gave the Ashvini Kumars the heavenly soma rasa. As it was meant only for demigods, Indradev (the king of the demigods), became angry at Chyavan Rushi and ran to him with a thunderbolt. But Chyavan Rushi used his powers to paralyze Indradev's arm.

The true saint on the other hand only resorts to God's prayer at all times. In Shikshapatri verse 201, Lord Swaminarayan has instructed that saints "Should tolerate the verbal and physical abuses of wicked opposition, but never retaliate against such abuses verbally or physically. They should not only forgive them, but bless them and shall never think to curse them."



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