April 06, 2002
Des Plaines Mandira

[Given in Shrimad Bhagavat 11/1:] Lord Krishna's father, Vasudev, hosted a great sacrifice in which saints including Naradji, Vishvamitra, Vashisth, and Durvasa, were invited. Afterwards, they assembled at a holy place near Dvaraka. The young boys of the Yadav family dressed Samba (the son of Jambavati, one of the 8 chief queens of Lord Krishna) in the guise of a pregnant woman (using a metal pot) and asked the sages if "she" was to have a boy or a girl? The sages became enraged and cursed the boys that the metal born from Samba would be the cause of the entire Yadav family's demise. When the children told King Ugrasen about the curse, he suggested that they grind up the metal and throw it into the ocean. The bits were carried to the shore, while a remaining piece of metal was swallowed by a fish. Erakaaha (tall, sharp grass or cane stalk) grew at the location of the grounded metal. The fish was caught, and the metal piece was taken from the fish by a hunter named Jara.

[Given in Shrimad Bhagavat 11/30:] The Yadav family, in a bout of drunken violence, killed each other using the grass. They even attacked Lord Krishna and Balarama. After all were killed, Balarama sat in meditation and left his body. Lord Krishna sat under a tree with his left foot upon his right thigh. Jara pierced the brilliant foot with his arrow (made of the cursed metal), mistaking it for a deer's face. Lord Krishna had concluded his divine play on earth and thus accepted the arrow as the cause of his death. Thus, the saint's curse came true and the entire Yadav race was destroyed by the metal pot.



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