June 02, 2002
Des Plaines Mandira

A devotee asked how she could remain progressing in devotion. Dinkar Uncle explained, first one should create good habits. One's habits dictate who he or she becomes. For example, one should form the habit of regular prayer, reading scriptures, etc. This creates a supportive environment at home. Second, one should keep the company of those who are also devotional. Thus, one should also go to a place, such as a temple, where the environment is supportive. At the temple, one should offer service - this can be physical service or simply chanting. But after this, there are six things that Yogi Bapa called "Gunaateeta Gnyaananu Navaneeta" or the essence of divine knowledge. Navaneeta literally means butter - which is made by churning cream (from milk).

1. Do not see negative in others. Dinkar Uncle often gives the example of going to a grocery store to buy fruits. One picks all the good ones, and without complaining, continues on his way. Similarly, when one meets someone, he should only concentrate on the person's good points.
2. Look after one's own liberation. The purpose of satsanga is to liberate oneself.
3. If troubled, do rosary (i.e. pray to God), but do not think of anything else.
4. Keep nirdoshabuddhi or see everyone with divinity. Four faults of the intellect are: bhedabhaava (negative discrimination - "mine and yours"), sankalpa (desires), vikalpa (to have alternates besides God), and veepritabuddhi (to have a wavering negative attitude).
5. Keep sampa, suhradabhaava, and ekataa (harmony, friendliness, and unity). Sampa is working in harmony. Suhradabhaava is while working together, seeing another's fault as one's own. Ekataa is forming an inseparable relationship (such as between milk and sugar) with fellow devotees.
6. Constantly remember the glory of God in the form of the saint you have met.



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