July 13, 2002
Des Plaines Mandir

Vipreeta-bhaava is losing the conviction once had in God or His saint. The negative feeling may lead one to denounce God or His saint that he once equally glorified. In Vachanamrut Loya 17 (titled Stuti-Nindaa or Reverence-Condemnation), Swaminarayan Bhagwan states, "See how powerful God's maayaa is - it causes great vipreeta-panu. Someone who previously seemed to be very good, later becomes extremely bad." Swaminarayan Bhagwan then explains, "If a person is indifferent to his body, has firm aatmanishthaa (conviction of oneself to be the soul), vairaagya (detachment) from the five vishayas (senses), and has total faith in God with knowledge of His greatness, then, even in the most adverse circumstances imaginable, he will not turn [negative]." During Swaminarayan Bhagwan's time, Dada Khachar's uncle, Jiva Khachar, experienced vipreetabhaava for God.

When Swaminarayan Bhagwan stayed at Jiva Khachar's home in Gadhada, Jiva Khachar served Swaminarayan Bhagwan very devotedly. During the rainy month of Shravan in 1818, Jiva Khachar made a toilet out of the chulo (earthen stove) in his kitchen so that Swaminarayan Bhagwan would not become drenched in the rain. Then, Jiva Khachar chopped up his own bed to use as firewood so that he could heat water and Swaminarayan Bhagwan could take a bath.

Despite this, due to Jiva Khachar's jealousy toward Dada Khachar, he went as far as trying to kill Swaminarayan Bhagwan. He bribed a Kathi named Rama Khachar with land, and instructed that he kill Swaminarayan Bhagwan when He went to the washroom in the morning before sunrise. This time however, Swaminarayan Bhagwan first sent Bhaguji with a lantern. When Bhaguji saw a gleam of light reflecting from the Kathi's sword, he immediately captured him and took him to Swaminarayan Bhagwan. Rama Khachar confessed when Swaminarayan Bhagwan explained to everyone what caused him to take up such an action.

For the temple in Gadhada, Jiva Khachar refused to part with his half of the land on top of the hill. However, when Jiva Khachar was on his death bed, Jiva Khachar's wife, Amulabai, asked Swaminarayan Bhagwan to forgive him and take him to Akshardham. Swaminarayan Bhagwan explained that He does not see people's faults, but only their devotion.



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