July 19, 2002
Friday Meeting

In Swami Ni Vato 4/140, Gunatitanand Swami gives a simple, yet profound technique to become liberated: "Say the positive qualities of God's devotees. Doing this, the soul becomes brahmaroopa (liberated). This is an effortless [technique]."

The problem is that for many years and even many lives, we have formed the habit and nature of seeing negative in others. But, whatever we see in others, we inevitably imbibe ourselves. Dinkar Uncle often gives the analogy that by collecting the bad aspects in everyone, we become like a stinky garbage can! Instead, by accepting the good in everyone, all the positive qualities become "ours." In application of this, for many years now during Friday sabhaa, whenever it is someone's birthday, Dinkar Uncle asks everyone to reflect on the good qualities of that person.



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