September 08, 2002
Des Plaines Mandir

Given in Bhagavat 1/4 (and referenced in Swami Ni Vato 5/221), even after Vyasji compiled the Vedas into 4 books and authored the Purans and the Mahabharat, he did not feel at peace. Thus, given in Bhagavat 1/5, Naradji appeared in front of Vyasji, and began by asking, "Is your soul, that has identified with the body or mind, satisfied?" When Vyasji explained his disenchantment, Naradji suggested that in order to find peace, he should write about the leela-charitra (divine enactment or life story) of Vishnu Bhagwan and devotees on earth. Following Naradji's suggestion, Vyasji wrote the Shrimad Bhagavat, which details Vishnu Bhagwan's various manifestations, culminating in Krishna Bhagwan.

During Swaminarayan Bhagwan's time, Muktanand Swami was the incarnation of Naradji. This time however, Muktanand Swami felt a disturbance and thus approached Swaminarayan Bhagwan. After Swaminarayan Bhagwan talked about His own leela for several hours, Muktanand Swami interrupted that he wanted help for his specific problem. Swaminarayan Bhagwan again started talking about what seemed to be an unrelated topic. When Muktanand Swami again asked about his disturbed feeling, Swaminarayan Bhagwan told him to go to Gujarat (and discourse to devotees). Nityanand Swami, who was the incarnation of Vyasji, saw that Muktanand Swami did not understand the message Swaminarayan Bhagwan was trying to convey. (It is interesting to note how the roles were reversed this time!) So Nityanand Swami explained Swaminarayan Bhagwan's intent to Muktanand Swami. Muktanand Swami then found peace by glorifying Swaminarayan Bhagwan's leela (ref. Swami Ni Vato 5/287, 10/181, and 12/195).



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