December 06, 2002
Friday Meeting

In spirituality, a broad spectrum is necessary to develop full maturity. The need for this broad-mindedness is in fact, found everywhere. Someone who graduates school learning only one subject would have a partial understanding as compared to someone who has taken all subjects. A CEO that comes from only one division in a company would not be as proficient as one that has experience in various divisions. Similarly, a father of many children cannot pay attention to only one child and neglect the others. Even a small business owner would not be profitable by selling only one item in his store.

By the knowledge and experience of a variety of things, one develops a broad base that results in fuller maturity. One that sees the world with its "gray area" and not only in terms of "black and white" has a more mature understanding of the world. Ek-deshastataa, on the other hand, is limited thinking.

This concept is very important in satsanga as well. To set an example for devotees, Gunatitanand Swami Himself served everyone, from the highest to the lowest. In fact, in order to serve others, He kept an extremely "low profile," hiding His actual glory.

The sarvadeshiya devotee has equal glory for all satsanga branches and religions in general, taking the good from everywhere. The devotee gives respect and love to all and does not think that, "This belongs to me and this belongs to someone else." A devotee with sarvadeshiya does not criticize others, but rather gives sincere support. And even if criticized by others, he never becomes negative, but rather introspects and takes something positive out of the situation.



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