November 30, 2002
Clinton, MO

Given in Vachanamrut Loya 4: "Muktanand Swami said to Shriji Maharaj, 'Today, Jinabhai has become very saddened and he said that since Maharaj did not come to my house, what is the point of me staying in that house?' Hearing this, Shriji Maharaj said, 'The love of a person, after becoming upset out of frustration, does not last. Also, the devotion and love of one who is upset ultimately becomes false...Jinabhai then said, 'When God and His saints come to one's house, one's face should show delight; but when God and His saints do not come, one's face should show grief and one should also feel sorrow in one's heart.'...Hearing this, Shriji Maharaj said, 'One should be pleased when God and His saints come, but one should never grieve."

Given in Swami Ni Vato 9/174, seeing Jinabhai's insistence, Swaminarayan Bhagwan went to Jinabhai's home in Panchala. But then God tested Jinabhai, revealing his jealousy for Dada Khachar (Jinabhai would remark, 'Am I not a devotee like Dada Khachar?') First, when Swaminarayan Bhagwan said some jokes, Jinabhai commented, "Here such talks are not acceptable, only in Dada Khachar's place is it ok to say such things." This showed that Jinabhai had an ego of his caste (being a "garaaseeyaa"), while Dada did not (being a "kaathi"). Dada Khachar kept divinity in God, and never doubted His actions.

Next, at the sound of a wedding procession, Swaminarayan Bhagwan asked the devotees present, what was going on? When devotees explained that a wedding procession was taking place, Swaminarayan Bhagwan insisted that He wanted to get married as well! When Brahmanand Swami remarked that it would not be possible without a bride, Swaminarayan Bhagwan insisted to find a suitable bride so that He could immediately join the wedding procession. Mayaram Bhatt said he was unmarried, and Parvatbhai said he did not have daughters, otherwise he would offer them to God. When Adiba (who lived a dedicated life as a saankhya-yogi) was considered, she said she would be happy to get the chance to marry God, but they would have to first ask her brother, Jinabhai. When Mayaram Bhatt and Parvatbhai approached Jinabhai, he first said to ask Adiba, but then remained quiet. When Swaminarayan Bhagwan heard this, He said, "See the difference between Jinabhai and Dada Khachar! I stay [at Gadhada] because he is such a great devotee."

When Adiba was brought to Swaminarayan Bhagwan however, He immediately vomited and asked she be taken away! Swaminarayan Bhagwan continued to vomit any food or water given to Him. Even if Mulji Brahmachari brought the food or water, God would ask to take it away because it had the "smell of women in it." When Swaminarayan Bhagwan said that He would not stay on the earth any longer, Muktanand Swami prayed that He was the supreme God and had not left any establishment (see Lord Swaminarayan History). Swaminarayan Bhagwan agreed and said He would eat if He was brought food without the smell of women. Mulji Brahmachari thus got food and water from a Brahmin who not only cooked everything by himself, but did not even use food or utensils that had a feminine form - e.g. rotlo, not rotli (he did this after his wife tried giving him poison). After Swaminarayan Bhagwan ate the food and became well, Muktanand Swami prayed, "You are Purushottam and half of [the population of] the world is women - if You do not accept food made from them, they will not get liberation." So Swaminarayan Bhagwan began eating as usual, enacting such a charitra to further Jinabhai of Panchala.



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