September 06, 2003
Buffalo Grove, IL

Scriptures describe elevation to the brahmaroopa or liberated state through various saadhanas (disciplines or means) such as intense tapa (penance) endured over many years and lives. But just as the woman who marries a king automatically becomes a queen regardless of her previous situation, by the association of a gunaateeta saint, one also becomes gunaateeta or brahmaroopa. Such is the glory of God and gunaateeta saints. This does not mean that the aspirant does not perform any devotional activities, but he does so to make God happy, not because he believes it is a saadhana for liberation.

Per Shikshapatri verse 116, Swami Ni Vato 7/30, and Sunrut, every morning one should think, "I am gunaateeta and God is manifest in my heart." Thus, the aim is to live a divine life and see the working of divinity in everything and everyone. Then, one attains the qualities or stithi (caliber) of brahmaroopa, from which there is no falling back.



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