October 17, 2003
Friday Meeting

By chanting "Radhe-Krishna" instead of just "Krishna," one sings the glory of God along with His Devotee. And when chanting "Gopi janaaya namaha" one is singing the glory of all devotees. Similarly, Kakaji explained, Prabhu (God) is Swaminarayan Bhagwan, Mahaa Prabhu is His gunaateeta saint, and Mahaatam Prabhu are His devotees! One should understand the glory of devotees in this manner to please God and enjoy real bliss. (In fact, Kakaji used to say that respecting God as divine and yet disregarding devotees is chaalaakee or a hypocritical display.)

Given in Swami Ni Vato 9/199, once in Agatrai, Swaminarayan Bhagwan was eating sugarcane and offered some to Parvatbhai, who said, "If my eeshtadeva (deity) eats, then I can eat." Maharaj replied, "Besides Me, who can be your Eeshtadeva?" Parvatbhai answered that all the saints are my eeshtadeva and for one and a half year, they have not eaten sugarcane, jaggery, or sugar. Since then, I have stopped eating them as well. Then God fed the saints sugarcane and allowed them to eat jaggery, sugar and the like.



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