December 03, 1999
Friday Meeting

Given in Shrimad Bhagavat 10/13, once while all the cowherd boys enjoyed lunch with Krishna Bhagwan in the forest, the calves went far away. Krishna Bhagwan told the boys to continue eating while he went to search for the calves. Seeing young Krishna Bhagwan (about 5 years old now) in the midst of the cowherd boys, Brahma tested God by taking away all of the boys and the calves. When Krishna Bhagwan returned and could not find anyone, God created divine forms of (or expanded himself as) the calves and cowherd boys. Now back in Vraj, the mothers of the boys and calves found even more love (just as they had for Krishna Bhagwan). When Brahma returned one year later, he was surprised to see Krishna Bhagwan exactly as he was before, playing with the cowherd boys and calves. Brahma also envisioned the boys and calves to appear like Krishna Bhagwan. Krishna Bhagwan finally brought the cowherd boys and calves as they were one year ago, and Brahma was overjoyed to see God's glory. In Bhagavat 10/14, Brahma thus asks for forgiveness for not recognizing God, and prays, "My greatest fortune would be to take birth in this forest of Gokul and have my head bathed by the dust falling from the lotus feet of any of its residents" [10/14/34]. By Krishna Bhagwan's powers, the boys did not even feel that a moment had passed, and finally returned home.

Dinkar Uncle explained that not recognizing God, we exiled Rama Bhagwan to the forest, and we called Krishna Bhagwan a govaadiyo (a cowherd) - and later we repent. By the association of a gunaateeta saint however, one gets divine glasses that helps one recognize God and see divinity in all of God's actions and in all of God's devotees.

In Vachanamrut Gadhada Middle 65 (amongst others such as Gadhada Middle 49 and Vadtal 11), Swaminarayan Bhagwan explains, "When God incarnates as Rama, Krishna, etc. for the liberation of souls, He is not infatuated by anything in this world which is the result of maayaa...However, for the sake of accepting the devotion of His devotees, He also quite thoroughly indulges in the panchavishayas. Seeing this, those people in the world who are over-wise, perceive faults in God...They consider God to be human, just like themselves, but they do not realize His transcendental greatness. This itself is God's maayaa."



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