February 25, 2002

The following is Dinkar Uncle's response to a reader who asked about a feeling of guilt for remembering God only in times of trouble or sorrow:

It is human tendency to remember someone when we are in trouble. Especially when the trouble is impossible to resolve by anyone else or by any possible means, we pray or remember God. In the Shreemad Bhaagavatam [Bhagavat 8/2-8/4] there is a good example of an elephant [Gajendra] who was caught by a strong alligator in a lake for a long time. The elephant tried to get away by himself but had no success. Even all the elephant's friends could not do anything. Finally the elephant picked up a lotus flower from the lake with his trunk and sincerely prayed to Lord Vishnu and was saved. This alligator was an angel from heaven who was cursed to become an alligator. God freed him from the curse also and sent him back to heaven. So, even an animal or any troubled soul can get the mercy of God. We should not feel confused about going to God for anything. He is our real father. Even if we think that this was my own deed and God will be upset. This is our own ignorance. God knows everything. He also knows that we have done this out of our own incapacity and He will not only forgive us but will give us wisdom not to commit such a mistake over and over again. Try this and you will overcome the feeling of guilt. We will pray for you also.



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