February 28, 1999
Rashmibhai's House

Gunatitanand Swami mentions the example of Ekalshrungi in several Swami Ni Vato: 5/306, 6/15, 6/186, 6/217, 13/124, 14/19, and 14/167. Vibhandik Rushi wanted to raise a son who had no cognizance of women. With his ascetic power, he conceived a son named Ekalashrungi (from a deer) and kept him isolated in the jungles.

Once, there was a great famine in the kingdom of King Rompad. The brahmins advised that if Ekalshrungi came to the kingdom, there would be rain. The king sent a woman (dressed like a deer) that attracted Ekalshrungi (with a tasty sweet) to the kingdom, where he settled, married, and had a child. About 3 years later when Vibhandik Rushi found Ekalshrungi in such a state, he was ready to curse the king. The king however honored him with great fanfare, and put his grandchild on his lap. Because of this, Vibhandik Rushi's anger subsided (and also became materially bound).

An alternate story given in the Girdharkrut Ramayan details that Ekalshrungi was needed for King Dasharath's putreshti yagna (sacrifice specifically for the purpose of begetting children). Indradev sent an apsaraa (celestial maiden) that offered Ekalshrungi a sweet and ruined his celibacy.



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