March 19, 1999
Paris, France

Anand approached his guru Kabir (15th century mystic poet-saint) saying that he would like to be happy. Kabir said, "Though this can be accomplished instantly, we will wait for the next full-moon day." After saying this, Kabir and Anand began walking to the next town. On the path, the rites for the death of a young girl were being conducted. The family of the girl asked Kabir to bless her soul. Kabir told them to first take off the cloth covering her body. Kabir then threw some flowers over her and then passed his hand over her body. From there, Kabir and Anand continued to walk toward a tree, where they sat down to take rest from the heat. Anand started thinking of what his guru had just done, and thus became very disturbed. In response to Anand's confusion, Kabir recited a poem stating that his doubting mind was still miles down the road. Soon after, during the next full-moon day, early in the morning, Anand reminded Kabir to bless him. Kabir remarked there was still some time, and then called Munna, a small girl with great faith in her guru. In broad daylight, Kabir asked Munna to ignite a lantern and hold it close to a book so that Kabir could see what he was reading. She did this without a hint of disbelief. That night, when Anand repeated his request for the knowledge, Kabir replied that the knowledge he wanted to give Anand was complete. Anand needed to imbibe the quality of nirdoshabuddhi (literally, "faultless intellect") that Munna had and then he would gain happiness as well.



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