August 22, 1999
Des Plaines, IL: Ketan's home

Due to his powerful penance, Vishvamitra was renowned as a "Brahmarshi." Vasishtha Rushi however, continued to address him as "Raajarshi" (indicating his being a kshatriya instead of a Brahmin, or great king that has become an ascetic). Vishvamitra was very upset at this, and could not understand why he had not yet earned Vasishtha's respect. He became increasingly irritated, and finally decided to kill Vasishtha so that his being a Brahmarshi would be unanimous. One night, he hid near Vasishtha's home. At that time, he overheard Vasishtha telling his wife Arundhati how great a saint Vishvamitra was and how his penance was reminiscent of the peaceful moonlight. Hearing this, Vishvamitra changed his mind, and felt remorse at what he had almost done. At the instance this realization came, Vasishtha called out, "Come Brahmarshi, what brings you here this late?" Thus, when his jealousy was finally eradicated, Vishvamitra was addressed as Brahmarshi by Vasishtha.



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