October 22, 1999
Friday Meeting

Krupalvanand Swami (1913-1981), also called Bapuji, was from a small town near Baroda. Bapuji went to Bombay at the age of 18 in search of a job. All of the money he had brought with him was spent in the first couple weeks, and he still did not find a job. He became frustrated, but did not want to go home with the bad news. He thus decided that if he did not get a job by the next day, he would commit suicide. The next day, his interview did not go well, and so he climbed a bridge and decided that at midnight he would jump on the tracks below. Before that, however, he went to the nearby Mahalakshmiji temple and began to pray intensely. Bapuji started thinking, "With all the ornaments the goddess Lakshmi was wearing, doesn't she have pity on a poor person like me?" So he started yelling at the moorti (image) to throw some of her gold ornaments on him. At that instant, he had inadvertently believed in the presence of divinty. Thus a saint with a simple cloth and pot of food came by, placed his hand on the crying boy, and said, "Our Hindu belief is that suicide is a sin." At first Bapuji told the saint that he had him mixed up with someone else. But the saint replied, "Lying is also a sin." With this, Bapuji totally surrendered to the saint. The saint told him not to commit suicide, and that he will become a great saint.



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