December 25, 1999
Cincinnati, OH

There was a minister who always told the king, "Whatever happens is for our own good." Once the king was eating sugarcane and a small part went into his finger, causing him to bleed. The king, already irritated by the pain, became furious when he heard the minister remark, "Whatever is happening is for our own good." He told the guards to imprison the minister. The minister replied that even this was for his own good. The king could not stand this and sentenced him to death by starvation in the prison. That evening, the king went on a hunting trip. In pursuit of a deer, he went far into the woods, and left all of his soldiers behind. It became dark and the king realized that it would be impossible to catch the deer. He was also very hungry. In the distance, he saw a campfire and went in that direction. But the fire had been lit by a group of cannibal forest people who immediately captured him. He was tied to a tree for the whole night and in the morning, the cannibals prepared to sacrifice him in front of the idol of their tribal goddess. As he was being taken to the ceremonial place, the priest saw the bandage on the king's finger and started shouting at the other cannibals that they were inviting the goddess's disfavor by sacrificing someone that was damaged. A fight ensued amongst the cannibals as they blamed the mistake on each other. The king took the commotion as an opportunity to escape and returned back to the kingdom. Upon returning, he immediately had the minister released and related the whole story. The king remarked that he had understood why the cut on his finger was for his good, because the imperfection had saved his life. But he was still confused as to how it was good for the minister to have spent the whole night hungry in the jail. The minister then explained that if he had not been imprisoned, he would have definitely been with the king on the hunting trip and unlike the other members of the company, he would not have left the king's side. Thus, when they were captured by the cannibals, since the king had the cut, the minister would be offered as a sacrifice by the jungle people. The minister repeated, "Whatever God does is for our own good."



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