February 23, 2001
Friday Meeting

Given in Swami Ni Vato 10/18, King Nand collected all of the earth's riches. He even put a camel for sale in order to find out if anyone still possessed any money. In order to secure the money, he needed to put it in a place that no one else could access. Thus, he used the magical bone of Varah (Lord Vishnu's boar incarnation) to hide all of the wealth under the ocean. By using Varah's bone, King Nand was able to part the water and walk in the ocean. When Naradji heard this, he devised a plan to free the wealth. He went to King Nand's palace, approached the queen, and asked if she knew how much her husband loved her? The queen naturally responded that he loved her more than anything in the world. Naradji told her that though this was partly true, King Nand loved his previous queen so much, that he kept her bone tied in his headdress. Saying this, Naradji left. The distressed queen confirmed that King Nand carried the bone, and in a rage of jealousy, she threw it into the fire. When King Nand didn't find the bone, he asked the queen if she knew where the bone was? When she finally told what she had done, King Nand died from shock!



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