July 11, 2002
Waukegan Mandir

Bharathari and Gopichand were two kings who renounced their kingdoms and went to the jungles to worship God. Gopichand renounced the kingdom and his many queens due to his mother's advice (given in the devotional song, "Janani Jivore Gopichandana"). Bharathari renounced the kingdom when he discovered that his favorite queen gave away the immortal elixir that he gifted her. Given in Swami Ni Vato 12/135, both of them happened to come to the same hermitage, and began fighting over the right to sit in one aasana (seat). (An alternate story explains them fighting to hang their bag on one hook.) An old lady who saw the fuss, exclaimed that, "You two ascetics are fighting over such a measly thing, but think of how great Bharathari and Gopichand are that they have renounced their entire kingdom!" Hearing this, the kings now insisted that the other have the aasana!



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