March 12, 2004
Friday Meeting

The following question was asked: Man has a want to be loved, respected, etc. - where do these desires or feelings come from? A saint transcends all of this - how can we transcend such desires or feelings as well?

Dinkar Uncle explained that such feelings can come from many sources: the indriyas (senses), antahkaran (subtle faculties such as the mind), or the jeeva (soul). For a devotee, when it comes from the soul, it is expressed as the singular want of God's love.

Second, such feelings should not necessarily be considered negative. Only if they take one away from God, are they "bad." A devotee should thus stay alert by asking, "Is this love or respect increasing my relationship with God?" But this test has a balance. For example, if one were to interact with a non-devotee, he may believe that it is not increasing one's relationship with God, and thus not communicate with the non-devotee. However, if the circumstances are seen in terms of a chance to offer service to God, it would be beneficial to communicate with the non-devotee.

In order to overcome such feelings, the feelings should be used towards God. Then the same feelings are no longer a hindrance, but a ladder to reach God. Second, when we feel that we are being compelled by a feeling such as love, we should first remember God and then take the step. This is because only with God's strength will one remain protected.



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