March 13, 2004
Des Plaines, IL: Vasantbhai's home

In Vachanamrut Sarangpur 15, in response to Swayamprakashanand Swami's statement, Swaminarayan Bhagwan explains the greatness of the Gopis: "The Gopis had extreme wisdom in their understanding, and thus their love cannot be said to be without understanding. Also, they had thoroughly realized God's greatness. Due to the power of that realization of God's greatness, atma-nishthaa (soul-consciousness) and vairaagya (detachment) naturally flourished in their hearts." On the other hand, Swaminarayan Bhagwan explains, "A devotee who does not have atma-nishthaa and vairaagya is extremely inferior." This is because, "When one who does not have atma-nishthaa and vairaagya meets with bad company, though he may seem to have no desire for vishayas other than God, he will begin to have desires for those objects. Further, his mind will become corrupted, and he will not remember God in his heart."

Explaining the glory of the Gopis, Swaminarayan Bhagwan references the meeting of Uddhavji and the Gopis. Krishna Bhagwan leaves Vrindavan for Mathura to kill Kansa. He then asks Uddhavji to, "Go to Vraja and give pleasure to our parents. And also relieve the Gopis, suffering in separation from Me, by giving them My message" [Bhagavat 10/46/3]. However, when Uddhavji meets the Gopis, he is overwhelmed realizing the Gopis' understanding. In fact, he prays, "May I be born as the shrubs, vines, or herbs in Vrundavan so that I can be graced by the touch of the dust of the Gopis' feet" [Bhagavat 10/47/61].



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