October 15, 2004
Friday Meeting

Vandan asked, "Of the many types of divine relationships, why is the guru-sishya or spiritual master-disciple relationship the best, even greater than the Bhagwan-bhakta or God-devotee relationship?" Dinkar Uncle explained that just as many types of social relationships exist, Hindu scriptures describe many types of relationships that one develops with God. Inherently, these relationships have some sort of expectation of, for example, wanting to become happy or gain something. The relationship that a disciple creates with a guru however is totally different. Here, the disciple's only goal is to please the guru - and the guru only wants to advance the disciple's spiritual process.

At the onset of the Gita, Arjun first affirms this relationship with Lord Krishna: "...sisyas te ham sadhi mam tvam prapannam" or "Now I am your disciple, and a soul surrendered unto you - please instruct me" [2/7]. At this point, the guru takes full responsibility of the disciple, and so nothing is impossible for the disciple. The disciple's unquestionable faith and the guru's right to command the disciple forms a unique and pure relationship.



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