March 23, 2005
Waukegan Mandira

In Vachanamrut Gadhada Middle 30, Lord Swaminarayan states, "In the Shrimad Bhagavat, kali[-yuga] is said to reside in gold, and for that reason I do not like even the sight of gold." Given in Bhagavat 1/17/38-39, King Parikshit allows kali-yuga to reside where there is gambling, drinking, prostitution, and animal slaughter. When kali-yuga asks for one more place, King Parikshit allows him to stay in gold - with gold, there is deceit, lust, envy, enmity, etc.

Given in Swami Ni Vato 10/48, kali-yuga entered the golden ornament on King Parikshit's headdress and under its influence, he mistreated a rhushee. Given in Bhagavat 1/18, looking for water, King Parikshit entered the hermitage of Shamik Rushi. The rhushee was in meditation, and thus did not welcome King Parikshit. Feeling insulted, King Parikshit put a dead snake around the rhushee's neck. Though the rhushee did not retaliate, his son cursed King Parikshit that he would meet his death in seven days by the bite of a snake. (To gain liberation before his death in 7 days, King Parikshit hears the Bhagavat from Shukdevji.)



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