April 06, 2005
Waukegan Mandira

Joban Pagi first met Swaminarayan Bhagwan during his travels as Neelkanth Varni. Joban was attracted to Neelkanth Varni's austerity and thus invited Him to eat at his home. Joban however became a dacoit who terrorized the townspeople along with his brothers, Sunder, Shakaro, and Dalo. Many years later, when Swaminarayan Bhagwan visited Vadtal, Joban had the thought of stealing Swaminarayan Bhagwan's horse. Also during this time, the brothers heard of Swaminarayan Bhagwan's glory from Muktanand Swami and saints. When Swaminarayan Bhagwan arranged a grand 18-day yagnya in Dabhan, Joban decided it was the perfect opportunity to steal the horse. But when Joban tried to take the horse, he saw the image of Swaminarayan Bhagwan next to every horse. To the astonishment of devotees, Joban entered the sabhaa and asked for God's forgiveness. Swaminarayan Bhagwan's love transformed him to a gentle devotee - who once carried a gun, now carried only a rosary and wore a tilaka-chaandalo on his forehead. Swaminarayan Bhagwan celebrated occasions such as Holi in Vadtal and eventually constructed a grand temple on Joban's land.



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