On May 28, 2006, at 11:00 am Indian Standard Time, all haribhaktos received the message from Gunatit Jyot that "Papaji e deha mukyo chhe."

Today is the day when the Gunatit Samaj was formed by the grace of Yogi Bapa, Kakaji, Papaji, Hariprasad Swamiji, Jasbhai Saheb, Aksharvihari Swamiji, Guruji and all divine saints 40 years ago when we were separated from the sansthaa [on May 28, 1966]. Papaji served all of us with the divine vision to see Yogi Bapa and Maharaj in all. Papaji and such gunaateeta svaroopas never leave this earth. They are always with us in a divine form inspiring and guiding us for our spiritual path to become brahmaroopa. We all had the great opportunity to see Papaji's divinity in every action and serve him with a divine vision. We are very fortunate that we received such a golden serving opportunity. Now, we have to also see Papaji and Maharaj and our gurudev in everyone. If we continue practicing this divine process, they will be very happy with us ... It was a just few weeks ago that we had all come from every corner of the world to pray for Papaji's health in Gunatit Jyot and the bhajan and dhoona that all these divine bahenos, divine bhaiyos, and divine satsangis were doing was received well by Papaji and graced us with an impossible task that he extended his stay in a physical body for a such a long time ... Jay Swaminarayan from Dinkarbhai, Bapu, Bharatbhai, Vashibhai, and all.



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