New Year's Message VS 2063

New Year's Message | Vikram Samvat 2063 | Monday, October 23, 2006

|| Swami Shreeji ||

On this auspicious New Year's Day let us resolve that "O! God please grant us the strength to lead a life that pleases You and Your gunatit saints. We pray that our minds remain firmly rooted in You. May our lives be happy, divine, enlightened, and God-guided only."

Let us tread the path shown by our supreme masters and keep a constant vigil on the following points to attain our goal:
1. Let us thank the Almighty for giving us birth in the sacred land of India where God with all His incarnations and saints manifested and preached us. Let us thank Him daily in the morning for gifting us the association of selfless and ever-caring compassionate gunatit saints. Also let us thank all devotees around us as well as our own selves to be fortunate to receive such favor.
2. May our behavior with everybody be polite, humble, and courteous. May our speech be truthful, loving, and beneficial to everybody. Let us not belittle ourselves with harsh words.
3. Let there be no disdain, undue insistence, or expectations from us towards anybody. Instead, O! Lord, may we remain in a witnessing spirit and in constant communion with You.
4. Let there be no projection of our ego, right, or self importance. Instead, if we remain polite and consider ourselves as a humble servant of all, it will help us eradicate our ego and promote fraternity.
5. Among the devotees of varied nature and characters, let us pray and see God in them. Let us pray to see God in all and all as God.
6. Devotees who have helped us or have become instrumental in our spiritual development and also the beloved and chosen disciples of our supreme master need to be treated with great reverence. Do not perceive any fault in them, pray for them, and treat their faults as your own. Not involving ourselves in gossiping about others' faults is in itself a great service.
7. Let there be love, affection, and a sense of belonging for the temple. Let us practice thrift in our own life. Let us be happy in others' happiness. Let us work together in unity. May we joyfully and wholeheartedly put all our talents and abilities in the service of God.
8. When we become flexible and adjust to all the conditions and circumstances however difficult or adverse, there will be no comparison in the association of fellow devotees and we will never remain unhappy or dissatisfied.
9. Pragat Brahmasvaroop Kakaji Maharaj said, 'Unity (among all devotees) is itself the highest worship. Friendliness is its base. Such divine harmony leads to contentment, signifying the manifestation of divinity.' So let us strive to leave our ego, jealousy, and assertiveness and invoke the supreme divine power of the Almighty. Let us constantly pray for a divine vision.

If these gunatit principles are applied and continuously lived in our day to day lives, with awareness and alertness by doing prayashchitroop prarthana (repentance prayer), Guruhari Kakaji and all gunatit svaroops will give us strength to become jivan mukta i.e. emancipated souls, and we will take a dip in the ocean of Nijanand, Brahmanand, and Sahajanand's blissful consciousness.

We pray with gratitude that may God shower all His blessings in abundance for the coming New Year and give us prosperity and a divine life.

Yours, Dinkar, Bapu, Raju, Bharat, Vashi's Jay Swaminarayan.



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