Rajbai of Vaakiyaa was Jeevubai's mother's sister's daughter. Once, when she saw Swaminarayan Bhagwan in Gadhada, her mind was drowned in His image and she became convinced that He was God. Then she completely avoided males and desired to worship God. Though she refused, she was forced into an engagement proposal. When the choondadee (worn by the bride during marriage) arrived, she placed it aside. When her mother said, "Look Raju, your choondadee is here," she retorted, "I don't want your choondadee!" Thus, there was uproar in the house. When the groom's side came, Rajbai went into samaadhi (deep trance) and her body became rigid like a piece of wood. They could not put a corpse in the wedding ceremony, so they had a servant sit in her place. When the groom's side left, Rajbai was placed in the carriage and by God's power, she did not feel hungry or thirsty throughout the whole trip. When she reached her husband's home, he saw her as a lion. Letting out a scream, he ran away from her and said that he did not want to be married to her and to send her home. Rajbai then came to Gadhada and stayed with Jeevubai in God's service. She used to act in a very detached manner - she wore coarse clothing, slept on the ground, and barely ate anything. When she passed away, Dada Khachar tried to perform the final rites, but even with extra fuel, her body would not light on fire. When Gopalanand Swami was told this, he explained, "Agnidev (the demigod that controls fire) cannot touch a sati (highly chaste woman) because if he touches her, she would fast and he is afraid that by causing her to fast, he would have to suffer the harsh consequences. So, this time, speak aloud that the sati has left and this is only a body made of natural constituents, so there is no harm in touching it." When they did as Gopalanand Swami said, the fire started immediately. Such a sati she was! [ref. Swami Ni Vato 9/200]



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