Jeevubai (Jivuba) was the elder daughter of Ebhal Khachar of Gadhada. Since earlier children had passed away, she was called Jeevubai (one who lives). Also, since she was born on the day of the full moon, she was known as Poonamateebaa as well. And because she was elder, she was called Motiba and Jayaba also. She was married to the son of Amra Patgar of Kundal, Hathiya Patgar. But when she went to her in-laws' home, she told her mother-in-law that she wished to live a celibate life and worship God. So Raeebai told her son to release Jeevubai in writing and she would find another wife for him. So he did so and she took the letter back to Gadhada. When Ebhal Khachar saw her returning, he thought she must have come back on bad terms, and so he got up to punish her. But when she showed him the letter, he did not say anything. Then, she worshiped and stayed in the service of Swaminarayan Bhagwan. Jeevubai's younger sister Ladubai (Laduba or Lalita) was Ebhal Khachar's younger daughter. From a young age, she also had a strong inclination to practice celibacy and worship God. She was married to Matra Dhadhal of Botad. But at night, Matra Dhadhal saw her as a lion and the following morning, he wrote a letter for her and sent her back to Gadhada. She showed the letter to Ebhal Khachar and in this way, like Jeevubai, she worshiped Swaminarayan Bhagwan and stayed in his service. [ref. Swami Ni Vato 9/201]

Swaminarayan Bhagwan was visiting Jeeva Khachar's home. One day, when Jeevubai and Ladubai heard news that God had come to the river, they went to fill water. They put a set of women's clothes in a water pot and brought it along with them. God wore those clothes and went back to the court with them. When Ebhal Khachar asked Jeevubai, "Who is this?" she replied, "She is the granddaughter of Kalu Tarvadi, and has come here to worship God." Brahmanand Swami composed a devotional song about this incident titled, "Ghaaghareeyo Gheraalo Re, Naath Banyaa Naajukadee." At that time, Ebhal Khachar did not like it when Swaminarayan Bhagwan came to his court and so everyone was afraid. Thus, they code named the various rooms and buildings so when Ebhal Khachar would ask, "Where is Maharaj now?" they would reply according to the code name, "He is currently in Bhuj, etc." Thus was their staunch faith in Maharaj. Ebhal Khachar also did not like it when Jeevubai and Ladubai would perform aaratee and poojaa. Once, he exclaimed, "Do you want to turn this court into a temple?!" But then he saw the Lord drink milk from Jeevubai's hands with his own eyes and God also gave him the divine vision of Himself in a four-armed form. After that, he also developed faith in God and did not raise any objections. [ref. Swami Ni Vato 9/202]

Once Motibai (Jeevubai), Ladubai and Rajbai were coming home from Kariyani. When they came near Saalemaal, they saw the elder Akhandanand Swami at the bank of a small pond. He had acute diarrhea and was unable to walk. They got off their cart and said, "We will walk, but put Akhandanand Swami in the cart and take him to Gadhada." They placed seven silky quilts on the cart and had him sit inside. They themselves then walked barefoot on the rocky road under the hot sun. Because of this, they had blisters on their feet. When they reached Gadhada, they washed the quilts and put them to dry. When Swaminarayan Bhagwan saw this, He asked why they had washed all the quilts. When they told Him what had happened, He was very pleased and said, "This cannot be done by anyone else! Ask for whatever you want!" The ladies then asked that God forever remain at their home. [ref. Swami Ni Vato 9/203]



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