Ebhal Khachar's two wives were Suprabha (of Kariyani) and Somadevi (of Botad). On Posh sud 6, VS 1857 (December 21, 1800), Somadevi had a son named Uttam or Dada Khachar. Somadevi also had two daughters, Jivuba (or Jeevubai) and Laduba (or Ladubai); Suprabha had two daughters as well, Panchuba and Nanuba. Mancha Khachar (see below), invited Ebhal's family to Kariyani to meet Swaminarayan Bhagwan. Swaminarayan Bhagwan entered Gadhada on Maha sud 11, VS 1861 (February 10, 1805). He first stayed with Jiva Khachar, Ebhal Khachar's brother. (Ebhal and Jiva also had a sister named Somba.) When Ebhal passed away on Kartik vad 5, VS 1870 (November 12, 1813), he entrusted Swaminarayan Bhagwan to take care of young Dada Khachar. (Prior to Ebhal's passing away, Swaminarayan Bhagwan asked Harji Thakkar and his brother Ladha Thakkar to administer Ebhal's estate.) Dada Khachar's first wedding was at Botad in Maghshar VS 1874 (February-March 1818). Because Dada Khachar did not have a son to inherit the estate, Swaminarayan Bhagwan arranged Dada Khachar's second marriage to Jashuba, daughter of Nagpal Varu, on Maha sud 10, VS 1881 (January 29, 1825) - they had two sons, Bava Khachar and Amara Khachar. Swaminarayan Bhagwan Himself rode the chariot to Bhatvadar for Dada Khachar's marriage. When Swaminarayan Bhagwan passed away, Dada Khachar was grief-stricken and tried to jump into the funeral pyre. But Swaminarayan Bhagwan appeared in front of him in a divine form and offered him a rose garland. Dada Khachar passed away in Gadhada in VS 1909. The following excerpts from Swami Ni Vato illustrate Dada Khachar's devotion.

Once, Swaminarayan Bhagwan was sitting between Ladubai and Jeevubai on a swing and Dada Khachar entered. Maharaj asked him, "[Upon seeing this,] Do you have any doubts about Me?" He replied, "No Maharaj, You are God and these two are forms of brahma, so how can I have any doubt?" Saying this, he started pushing the swing. Such a thing can be done by [a devotee like] Dada Khachar, but not by others. [ref. Swami Ni Vato 9/205]

Once, Jiva Khachar instigated Vajesinha darbaara of Bhavnagar - "Swaminarayan Bhagwan lives in Dada Khachar's house with Dada Khachar's two sisters. It would be good to bring this up in the assembly and reprimand Dada Khachar." Jiva Khachar thought that by being insulted in the assembly, Dada Khachar would ask Maharaj to leave. But in the assembly, when Vajesinha asked him if he had offered his sisters to Swaminarayan Bhagwan, Dada Khachar replied, "Instead of offering them to some kaathee, this is God! He whom we attain after dying, we have met while alive, so they are very fortunate. That is my understanding!" Such a thing can be said by Dada Khachar, but not by others. That is why he is praised.

Once, Maharaj told Dada Khachar to write off his property to his sisters. He immediately transferred the rights to his entire property to the names of Jeevubai and Ladubai. Then Maharaj asked, "Now, how will you make your ends meet?" Dada Khachar replied, "I will go get a job in the court of Vajesinha darbaara." Maharaj said to do so and Dada Khachar left. Then Maharaj told Jeevubai and Ladubai, "If you have any work related with the government, Dada Khachar would do it, so allow him to stay." The sisters replied, "As you wish." Meanwhile, Dada Khachar must have gone as far as Radhavaav when he was called back.

Once, during the rainy season, wandering ascetics staying at the banks of the Ghela river were having trouble lighting fires for their camp. When Maharaj saw this, He asked Jiva Khachar to make some arrangements for them. But Jiva Khachar replied that ascetics like that keep coming and going. When Maharaj repeated the same thing to Dada Khachar, he immediately said, "This house of mine is big enough, so let the pilgrims stay here." When Maharaj asked, "Where will you stay?" Dada Khachar answered, "I will stay with the saints and the women of the house will stay with the dedicated women." Hearing this, Maharaj was immensely pleased. Because of countless such qualities, Maharaj was bound by love and stayed in Gadhada for 30 years. [ref. Swami Ni Vato 9/206]



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