There were two Kathi devotees named Mamaiya and Meraman from the village of Gundaali. Once they had gone to take the buffaloes to graze. At that time, some saints visited the village and the devotees' mother invited them to eat at their home. But some of the townspeople were against the satsanga and forced the saints out of the town. When the devotees came back home they saw tears in their mother's eyes and heard from her that she had invited the saints but they were not allowed to eat and were forced out hungry.

Hearing this, the Kathi devotees went to the village square and spoke up against the men who displayed spite for the saints. As a result, they were later killed. Because they kept the side of the satsanga they are praised and their liberation was counted along with Muktanand Swami. [ref. Swami Ni Vato 9/214]



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