Raghav, Rano, Bhim and Vashram Raajgar were four brothers in Golida who invited Maharaj to their home and fed Him. Maharaj became pleased with them and told them to ask for something. Rano asked, "Maharaj, in this village, no one should be taken by yamadootas (assistants of Yama, the god of death, that take sinners to hell) when they pass away." Maharaj granted this wish.

One night, when they were taking turns helping out in the village, Bhim and Rano ran into some yamadootas. The yamadootas said they had come to take some non-satsangees. Bhim grabbed one of the yamadootas and hit him in the mouth, knocking out some of his teeth. Then the rest of the brothers came and chased the yamadootas out of the village.

When Raghav and Vashram were later initiated, Maharaj named them Raghavanand and Vishvatmanand and they were known as yamadoota-chasing saints. When Rano Raajgar was about to pass away, he asked if anyone wanted to come to Akshardham with him. Everyone said no except his mother and his son, so he took them with him. Such devotees are hard to find. [ref. Swami Ni Vato 9/217]



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