Gunatit Saints
In the Hindu tradition, a guru is essential for the spiritual progress of a devotee. From a guru that is brahmasvaroopa or God-realized, God's glory can be fully known and devotees can experience God.

Swaminarayan Bhagwan's unique blessing to all His devotees was to forever remain on earth through Gunatit saints. For this, He incarnated with his Abode and Devotee, Mul Akshar Gunatitanand Swami. Gunatit saints are saints that have acquired the qualities of Gunatitanand Swami by the blessings of Gunatitanand Swami or the Gunatit lineage. God lives in and works through such saints.

We are blessed to have many such Gunatit or brahmasvaroopa saints today. By their association, a devotee becomes liberated and offers devotion to Swaminarayan Bhagwan.

Disciples of Yogi Bapa


Dadubhai Patel (1918 - 1986) was affectionately known as Dadukaka or Kakaji. He lived a life of perfect devotion to Lord Swaminarayan, and was an example of unfaltering friendliness. From a very young age, he met Shastriji Maharaj and Yogiji Maharaj and throughout his life, he dedicated himself to their service. With the support of Pappaji, Hariprasad Swamiji, Kantikaka and others, he created the Gunatit Samaj. More info...

We seek Kakaji's blessings to live with divine friendliness.


Babubhai Patel (1916 - 2006) was the elder brother of Kakaji. With Yogi Bapa's blessings, Kakaji and Pappaji helped provide a path for women to renounce worldly life and dedicate to God in the Akshar-Purushottam branch of the Swaminarayan sampraday. Pappaji facilitated the creation of a separate establishment for such women called Gunatit Jyot. Today, Gunatit Jyot has over 450 dedicated sisters, under the guidance of eight principal elders: Sonaba, Shantaben, Taraben, Jyotiben, Didi, Deviben, Jasuben and Paduben. More info...

We seek Pappaji's blessings to see God in and serve all devotees.

Hariprasad Swamiji
Hariprasad Swamiji (1934 - Present) is the leader of Yogi Divine Society. The main center is in Haridham, Sokhada near Vadodara. Swamiji was initiated into sainthood by Yogi Bapa in 1965. At that time, Yogi Bapa bestowed great blessings on him. Swamiji joined Kakaji and Pappaji in 1966 along with 39 other saints. Leading this wing of saints in the Gunatit Samaj, he has worked tirelessly around the world to spread Yogi Bapa's message of unity, harmony and oneness. Under the guidance of Hariprasad Swamiji, and saints such as Kothari Swamiji, Prem Swamiji, Das Swamiji, Shastri Swamiji, and others, Yogi Divine Society's 150 saints and many devotees are involved in many social and spiritual projects throughout the world. More info...

We seek Swamiji's blessings to live with atmiyataa (spiritual harmony).
Pramukh Swamiji
Narayanswarupdas Swami (1921 - 2916) was the leader of the Bochasanwasi Shri Akshar Purushottam Sanstha (BAPS). He was initiated into sainthood by Shastriji Maharaj in 1940 and blessed by Shastriji Maharaj and Yogi Bapa to be the head of the organization in 1950. He led by example; his humility, faith in Bhagwan Swaminarayan, and compassion inspired millions of devotees and over 1000 sadhus to maintain moral and spiritual lifestyles. More info...

We seek Pramukh Swamiji's blessings to give our all in the service of spreading Swaminarayan Bhagwan's universal message.
Mahant Swamiji
Keshavjivan Swami (1933 - Present) is the present leader of the BAPS organization. Initiated originally as a parshad in 1957 by Yogi Bapa, he was initiated into sainthood in 1961. Yogi Bapa blessed him to guide the other saints, especially the 51 initiated in 1961. Traveling around the world, his saintly qualities inspire the lives of thousands of devotees.
More info...

We seek Mahant Swamiji's blessings to live with humility and soul-consciousness.
Aksharvihari Swamiji
Aksharvihari Swamiji (1936 - Present) is the leader of the temple in Sankarda, the first temple of the Gunatit Samaj. He was initiated by Yogi Bapa in 1961. With Yogi Bapa's blessings, he continues to inspire devotion in all that come in his contact.

We seek Aksharvihari Swamiji's blessings to develop complete faith in God and His saints.
Jashbhai Saheb
Jashbhai Patel (1940-Present) is the leader of Anoopam Mission. The Vratdhari Sadhaks of Anoopam Mission live and work within society, but are fully dedicated to God. Yogi Bapa blessed Saheb to be his partner in spiritual work and leader of the youth. Saheb joined Kakaji and Papaji in 1966 and led the Sadhak brothers wing in the Gunatit Samaj. Through its centers in India, UK and USA, Anoopam Mission is involved in many social and spiritual activities. More info...

We seek Saheb's blessings to think positive and live with our focus towards our Guru.

Disciples of Kakaji

Dinkar Uncle

Dinkarbhai Patel (1944 - Present) was born in Uttar Sandha in Gujarat. He came to America for higher studies in 1966. He met Kakaji in 1973 and from the very first meeting, he accepted Kakaji as his spiritual master. Through many subsequent visits to America, Dinkar Uncle's humility and devotion endeared him to Kakaji. When Kakaji passed away in 1986, Dinkar Uncle and Bapu continued to develop satsanga activities in Chicago. More info...

We seek Dinkar Uncle's blessings to live with no expectations but to please God and His saint.

Mukundjivan Swamiji (Guruji)
Full Name: Mukundjivan Swami (originally Dilipbhai Mehta)
Birthdate: March 13, 1937
Birthplace: Mumbai, India

Guruji was initiated into sainthood by Yogi Bapa in 1961. Kakaji asked Guruji to lead the Delhi satsanga. By nature, Guruji was very analytical and exceptionally brilliant. But he placed these qualities in the service of God and His saint. Guruji worked very hard to develop satsanga in Delhi. Today, the center is flourishing with many devotees dedicated to achieving the highest liberation under the shelter of Guruji.

We seek Guruji's blessings to use all our internal faculties in the service of God and His saint.
Mahendra Bapu
Full Name: Mahendrabhai Shah
Birthdate: May 19, 1945
Birthplace: Mumbai
Father: Kantilal Tarachand Shah
Mother: Savitaben Kantilal Shah
Siblings: Bhupendrabhai, Arunbhai (Dedicated brother - Powai), Bhartiben (Dedicated sister - Gunatit Jyot), Yoginiben (Dedicated sister - Powai)
Education: Mechanical Engineer, Mumbai University

From childhood, Bapu was part of the Swaminarayan satsang, but his real potential was awakened when he met Yogi Bapa for the first time. As a student in Mumbai, he had gone to meet Yogi Bapa to get blessings for his exams. Upon seeing him, Yogi Bapa immediately said, "Tell me you will become a sadhu." Bapu had learned that one should always say yes to a great saint and so he agreed. As a result, Bapa's blessings were with him.

Bapu came in close association with Mahant Swamiji and by his guidance, he started a youth sabha at Kandivali. Bapa blessed him that 125 fully liberated youths will become ready through him. Bapu then came in the contact of Kakaji. Impressed by Kakaji's personality, Bapu became very close to Kakaji. He was fully open and accepted Kakaji as his spiritual guide. He showed exemplary qualities of extreme faith and through many hardships, he remained focused on his goal.

After completing his education in Mechanical engineering, Bapu began professional work. In 1978, upon Kakaji's command, he gave up his job and became Kakaji's dedicated secretary full time.

In various incidences throughout his life, Bapu gained many blessings from Kakaji, such as:
- "Your yoga and kshema is now my responsibility."
- "From now on, maya will not bother you."
- "Your asmitaa is now dissolved."

Bapu traveled with Kakaji all over the world. During the trips to America with Kakaji, Bapu created a deep friendship with Dinkar Uncle. After Kakaji passed away, Bapu began to visit America more often. Bapu and Dinkar Uncle worked together to develop satsang in Chicago and started Friday meetings in 1989. Today, Bapu travels around the world spreading Kakaji's divine message.

We ask blessings from Bapu to develop the same open relationship with our Guru as he created with Kakaji.
Full name: Bharatbhai Mehta
Birthdate: January 31, 1954
Birthplace: Jamnagar (Saurashtra)
Father: Popatlal Vitthaldas Mehta
Mother: Hiraben Popatlal Mehta
Siblings: Kalpanaben, Bhavnaben (Dedicated sisters - Gunatit Jyot)
Education: Bachelor of Engineering - VJTI, Mumbai

Bharatbhai is a leading dedicated sadhak brother in Powai temple in Mumbai. When he first met Kakaji, he felt that he belonged to Kakaji and Kakaji belonged to him. Bharatbhai used to attend the sabhas in Kandivali that were held by Mahendra Bapu.

He was a bright student. He was sincere and meticulous and exhibited great patience in the work that he did. Under Bapu's guidance, he started coming to Tardev and attended prayers and shibirs. Due to his good handwriting, Kakaji used to assign him the special service of writing articles based on Kakaji's dictation. In performing this service, he became very close to Kakaji and within four years of meeting Kakaji, he decided to live as a sadhak at Tardev temple. Due to his patient style and service, he pleased Kantikaka and other elders of the satsanga too. He took great interest in the problems of fellow devotees and in this way, earned the grace of Kakaji. Kakaji blessed him as a saint beyond mind. Kakaji even said that one of the happiest days of his life was Bharatbhai's birthday.

After Kakaji passed away, Bharatbhai took care of the social and spiritual progress of the devotees at Tardev. Today, Bharatbhai is an inspiration to sadhaks and devotees around the world. His focus on prayer and spiritual discourses transforms the lives of everyone that comes into his contact.

We seek Bharatbhai's blessings to always keep a smile on our lips and in our hearts.
Full name: Hemantbhai Vashi
Birthdate: July 7, 1953
Birthplace: Poonee (South Gujarat)
Father: Ishvarlal Dahyabhai Vashi
Mother: Sumitraben Ishvarlal Vashi
Siblings: Ajitbhai (Nirmaljivan Swami - Sankarda), Harshadbhai, Anantbhai
Education: Chartered Accountant

Vashibhai is a beloved sadhak brother in Powai temple in Mumbai. In a short time after meeting Kakaji, he dedicated his life to Kakaji's service. While living in Tardev temple, he became a chartered accountant. Kakaji and Kantikaka would continually entrust Vashibhai with various responsibilities and Vashibhai would enthusiastically take care of everything. After Kakaji passed away, not only did Vashibhai continue to handle much of the responsibilities of Tardev temple, he also personally took care of many devotees that had a relationship with Kakaji.

While living in Tardev, at Kakaji's request, he performed mahaapoojaa every morning. That tradition continues to this day. When Vashibhai performs mahaapoojaa, he becomes so engrossed that everyone attending feels the presence of God and his prayers are always answered.

Vashibhai continues to work professionally as the Chief Financial Officer of a multinational corporation. Despite holding such a formidable post, his humility, friendliness, innocence and excitement are unique. His dynamic nature compliments Bharatbhai's quiet one and the two of them inspire devotees around the world. The youth hold a special place in his heart and he works tirelessly for their spiritual and social welfare. His progressive ideas and outlook constantly inspires all devotees to move forward.

We seek Vashibhai's blessings to lose ourselves in our devotion to God and His saint.

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